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Branding with YOUR Team Logos

Our intention here at The Fit Union is to create a strong Team presence realizing that size is strength.

We always encourage individual teams to create their own Brands, Logos and most importantly community at their own pace. If your team is still small ans your don’t want to spend much time on that now than that is fine. As your team grows you will want to individuate your team and brand more and more and that is fine and encouraged with us.

We would love it if your team members and their team members also know that they are part of a bigger team in case any of our help and resources are ever needed.

Therefore on this page we will always recognize our teams individualities! In an effort to do just that if you have a team logo (transparent is necessary for this page design) then we would L O V E to display it here on this Team Club site to recognize you and all of your members.

With such a Huge team growing over 40,000 strong now (With that momentum and enough buckets we literally could move mountains) it may be impossible to display all of the logos? We may have to cap it by rank or size? So for now if you have a team logo and you are already a current diamond or above then we will display your logo on the site too.

Simply submit the picture in this forum thread:
Big and Transparent please!

Thank you each for all of your efforts and hard work! With a little persistence this site will prove to be a HUGE team asset and a small way to show our gratitude to each of you!