Community Involvement

The points set on this site are shown below in square brackets.

  • Post on your own activity [10 points]
  • Post on another member’s activity (or to selected friends) [15 points]
  • Reply to an activity post [5 points]
  • New forum post [10 points]
  • Reply to forum post [5 points]
  • Send private mail [10 points]
  • Reply to a private mail [5 points]
  • Make 10 new friends [see below]
  • Add a blog post [no rewards on this site]
  • Liking/disliking activity [1 point for liking]

You can also earn badges, once you have performed one of the above actions, a badge will be displayed on your profile page. On this site, a user’s rewards are shown in the sidebar of the profile page, along with any badges.

Furthermore, you are awarded points for doing the above a certain number of times, for example, posting a certain number of activity posts, with the badge slowing appearing, as you “do” the action.

  • On this site: if you do any of the above Lots of times (variable per task), you can a “gold” badge
  • For the GOLD new friendships badge you need to make 10 friends.

Top Point Earners:



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